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Friday 9th September
Y983 PLENARY: How do Astrologers read Charts-the Continuing Story - Darrelyn Gunzberg
Y984 PLENARY - Carter Memorial Lecture: The Elegant Universe - Christeen Skinner
Saturday 10th September
Y985 Twelve Commandments - Paul Mayo
Y986 The Sun and the Moon: 1990 the East meets West - Yukiko Harwood
Y987 Identifying the Life Purpose with Astrology - Marcos Patchett
Y988 Astrology Markers for Depression and Anxiety - Anthoula Leoni
Y989 Planetary Significators: The Effective Way to Connect All the Dots of the Horoscope - Michael Lutin
Y990 Future Perfect? A Look at What 2017-2020 Holds Using Visual Astrology - Darrlyn Gunzberg
Y991 Chara Karakas and the 4 Paths of Life - Paul Barker
Y992 Self and Other: the Ascendant-Descendant - Carole Taylor
Y993 PLENARY Seeing and Blindness: How to use the 'Aversion' in Natal Charts - Ben Dykes
Y994 The Internalization of 'Good Enough' Parental Archetypes is Central to loving Adult Relationships - Magaret Gray
Y995 Nicholas Copernicus and Reform of Astrology - Karine Dilanian
Y996 Life Beyond Self-Imposed Limitations - Marilyn Burnett
Y997 The Harary Process: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Art - Richard Swatton
Y998 The Persistence of Patterns - Mike Harding
Y999 Like Clockwork: Timing in Harary Astrology - Wade Caves
Y1000 The Role of the Astrologer: What, On Earth, Are We Astrologers Doing? - John Wadsworth
Y1001 Culpeper's Astrological Medicine-Galenic, Paracelsian or Hermetic? - Graeme Tobyn
Y1002 New Light on the 12th House - Maurice Fernandez
Y1003 Politics, Intrigues and Astrology in History - Hakan Kirkoglou
Y1004 Saving the Dying God: Jung's Red Book and Astrology - Ryuji Kagami
Y1005 Writing Workshop - Arian Wise
Y1006 Horary Astrology For Business - Jonathon Clark
Y1007 Chiron, Pholus and Nessus and the Transformation of the Human Condition - Dick van der Mark
Y1008 The Journey of the Soul - Janet Saunders
Sunday 11th September
Y1010 The Astrology of Vocation: Turning What You Love Into What You Do - John Wadsworth
Y1011 The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology: Stars, Symbols and Sensuality - Paul Barker
Y1012 Understanding and Transforming Compulsive and Addictive Relationship Patterns - Margaret Gray
Y1013 'Medicinable or Mortal?' William Lilly, Simon Forman and the 'Prognostical part of Physick' - Barbara Dunn
Y1014 What's Your Style?: Working with Quintiles - Mike Harding
Y1015 Saturn in Sagittarius: The Social Phenomenon of Japan - Yukiko Harwood
Y1016 The Black Moon and Black Sun: Bridges to Oneness - Dick van der Mark
Y1017 Tithi: How your Sun-Moon Angle Determines your Challenges and Good Fortune - Sonal Sachdeva
Y1018 Who Counsels the Wise One? - Paul Mayo
Y1019 DNA and the Cosmos: How the Time of Our Birth imprints on our DNA - Sue Martin
Y1020 Uranus in Taurus 2018 - Smitjana Gavrancic
Y1021 Prediction: Possibilities or Certainty? - Marcos Patchett
Y1022 Building a Bridge to the Client: Counselling Skills for Astrologers - Mark Jones
Y1023 The Jupiter-Uranus Cycle: The Defiant Marriage of Religion and Science - Maurice Fernandez
Y1024 Your Prenatal Eclipse Chart and Its Return - Hakan Kirkoglu
Y1025 The Furies in Our Natal Chart - Ana Andrada
Y1026 Western Astrology has Taken Firm Root in Japan - Ryuji Kagami
Y1027 Criminal Minds - Sirin Mitrani
Y1028 The Astrology of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn - Demian Allan
Y1029 An Astrological Bridge over Troubled Water - John Green
Y1030 CLOSING PLENARY Humans Rising: Astrology in the Age of Existential Rising - Michael Lutin