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Friday 22nd June
Y1079a Workshop: Cosmic Cycles Are Forever (morning) - Ray Merriman
Y1079b Workshop: Cosmic Cycles Are Forever (afternoon) - Ray Merriman
Y1080a The Conference Opening - Roy Gillett
Y1080b (Plenary) The Future of Astrology - Roy Gillett
Y1081 (Plenary) The Carter Memorial Lecture: Into the Labyrinth of Stars - Lynn Bell
Saturday 23rd June
Y1082 Finding Our Voice - Mike Harding
Y1083 Between Heaven and Earth: Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars - Christian König
Y1084 The Creative Impulse - Babs Kirby
Y1086 Recent Advances in Astro-Finance Research - Christeen Skinner
Y1087 Bessie Leo: Hidden Gem or a Thorn in the Side of Astrology? - Kim Farnell
Y1089 The Great Global Reset from the Cosmic Perspective - Ray Merriman
Y1090 Angels and Demons: The Astrology of Obsession - John Green
Y1091 From Carbon Dust to the Diamond Self - Sue Martin
Y1092 (Plenary) The Discovery of the Self in Medieval Astrology - Nick Campion
Y1093 The Future of Psychological Astrology - Richard Swatton
Y1094 The Development of Harmonic Astrology - David Hamblin
Y1095 Hermeneutics of Astrology - Geoffrey Cornelius
Y1096 Awakening to New Values, New Worlds - Darby Costello
Y1097 'Dress suitably in short skirts and strong boots, leave your jewels in the bank and buy a revolver' - Constance, Countess Markievicz (1916) - Frances Clyne
Y1098 Reclaiming Germany's Lost Gem: The Pioneering Work of Elsbeth Ebertin - Dr Jenn Zahrt
Y1099 Rehabilitating the Outer Planets - John Frawley
Y1100 Forecasting: Planet by Planet - Frank Clifford
Y1101 Goodbye Psyche, Hello Soul - Maggie Hyde
Y1103 2020 and Beyond - Wendy Stacey
Y1104 Venus - Angela Cornish
Y1105 Joy and Sorrow - Adrian Ross Duncan
Y1106 The Astrology of Depth Psychology - Mark Jones
Y1107 Ayurvedic Astrology - Sonal Sachdeva
Sunday 24th June
Y1108 History of Astrology in Austria and Germany - Astrid B. Leimlehner
Y1109 Things Suddenly Happening - Maggie Hyde
Y1110 Looking at the Bigger Picture : Into the Kuiper Belt and Beyond - Sue Martin
Y1111 Per Ardua ad Astra - Robert Anderson
Y1112 Stars Down to Earth - Liz Hathaway
Y1113 25 Years of Polishing an Old Faucet? - Sharon Knight
Y1114 Mars Our Warrior, Mars Our Destroyer - Darby Costello
Y1115 Jung's Struggle with Astrology - Babs Kirby
Y1116 Astrology and Natural Alchemy - Christine Chalkin
Y1117 War or Peace by Declination - Astrid Fallon
Y1118 Astrology in the World of Non-Astrologers - Kim Farnell
Y1119 Somewhere to Call Home - Mandi Lockley
Y1120 The Day the Earth Stood Still? - John Green
Y1121 True Power: the Nature and Purpose of the Outer Planets - Mark Jones
Y1122 By the Rivers of Babylon: How the Belly Helps to Improve Thinking - Christian König
Y1123 Daimons are Forever - Geoffrey Cornelius
Y1124 From Carbon to Diamonds to Graphene - Christeen Skinner
Y1125 Diamonds or Rocks: Acts of Interpretation - Mike Harding
Y1126 The Body Speaks Its Mind - Jane Ridder-Patrick
Y1127 Diamond Tips for Social Media - Marilena Marino
Y1128 The Planets as Realisations - Richard Swatton
Y1129 The Journey - Adrian Ross Duncan
Y1131 Diamonds and Demons - Chris Mitchell
Y1132 Astrology and Alchemy - Clare Martin
Y1133 (Plenary) 'Physick cannot well exist without Astrology, but Astrology can without Physick' - Barbara Dunn