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Friday 13th June
Y1135 Intuition in Astrology - Gary Phillipson
Y1136 (Plenary) The Carter Memorial Lecture: Cosmic Jokerman - Sue Farebrother
Saturday 14th June
Y1137 Jump into the Fire - Dr Yvonne S Tarnas
Y1138 The Alchemical Journey of your Zodiac Soul Pt 1: Aries to Virgo - John Wadsworth
Y1139 Pluto-Moon Lead into Gold: Political Secrets from Zola to Wikileaks - Sonia Guidici
Y1140 The Chart as the Interference Pattern that is Creating our Hologram - Nick Oakley-Smith
Y1141 The Art of Falling Apart: Planets in the 12th House - Deborah Thewliss
Y1142 The Effect of Uranus in Taurus at the end of the First year of Its Transit - Grazia Murti
Y1143 The Alchemical Journey of your Zodiac Soul Pt 2: Libra to Pisces - John Wadsworth
Y1144 Chariklo meets Saturn and Pluto - Melanie Reinhart
Y1145 In the World Crucible: The Christchurch Mosque Shootings - an Alchemical Approach - Graham Ibell-Nigredo
Y1146 Three Important Stages of Life: The Progressed Sun in the Signs - Miloslawa Krogulska
Y1147 (Plenary) The Stars and the Decent of your Soul: Your Star Stuff and your Soul Stuff - Dr Bernadette Brady
Y1148 The Impact of the Jupiter-Saturn Mutation on the Generation that experiences it - Dr. Lee Lehman
Y1149 Towards Modern Alchemy - Sue Tompkins
Y1150 Towards a Social Constructive Astrology - Christos Archos
Y1152 Planet Games in Synastry - Izabela Podlaska
Y1153 The Saturn Return of the Fall of the Berlin Wall - Alexander Von Schlieffen
Y1154 Hope and Fear: Inside the Consulting Room - Dr.Darrelyn Gunzburg
Y1155 An Astrological History of Sexuality - Magaret Gray & Dr Diaz
Y1156 The Astrology of Past Life Regression - Arlan Wise
Y1157 Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Stephanie James
Y1158 Outer Planet Transits in Action: Cycles within Cycles - Rick Levine
Y1159 Three Stages of our Lives: Our Youth, Maturity and before we die - R. Hakan Kirkoglu
Y1160 It Must Mean Something - understanding unbidden omens and 'things suddenly happening' - Maggie Hyde
Y1161 Change Your House System, Change Your Life - Jessica Adams
Y1162 The Moon: Emotional Needs and Coping Skills - Laura Nalbandian
Y1163 Starting Forecasting? - Jean Elliot
Y1164 Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper - Tania Daniels
Y1165 Transforming War into Peace: Working with the Challenge of the Times - Jadranka Coic
Y1166 WannaCry, the Love Bug and other Computer Maladies: Using Astrology to Diagnose Computer Meltdown - Adam Fronteras
Sunday 15th June
Y1167 The 12th House and Vocational Development - Maurice Fernandez
Y1168 The People's Republic of China and its Relationship to the World - Franziska Engel
Y1169 Venus: Her Changing Narrative - Dr Darrelyn Gunzburg
Y1170 Manilius and Roman Divination - Prudence Jones
Y1171 The Lunar Nodes: A Hidden Timetable for Alchemical Processes - Dick van der Mark
Y1172 Towards a Social Constructive Astrology - Christos Archos
Y1173 Saturn: From Fear to Mastery - Laura Nathandian
Y1174 Antiscia: An Ancient Technique Re-Discovered - Tania Daniels
Y1175 Saturn, Jupiter and the Asteroid Ops - Jessica Adams
Y1176 Lunar Rhythms: Living with the Moon's Phases - Deborah Morgan
Y1177 Mystique: The Charts of 'Sphinxes' - Victor Olliver
Y1178 Synchronicity and Destined Meetings - Dr Yvonne-S.Tarnas
Y1179 How to Stop the Monkey Driving the Bus (feat. Fermicus Maternus) - Marcos Patchett
Y1180 The Capricorn Triple Conjunction Generation - How will they make their mark on the Course of History? - Lianne McCafferty
Y1181 Accessible Primary Directions - Toby Aldren
Y1182 Astrology and the Transformation of the Shadow - Graham Ibell-Nigredo
Y1183 This Is Not The End of the World - Rod Chang
Y1184 Everything You Wanted to Know About Uranus...But Didn't Know to Ask - Rick Levine
Y1185 Reaching Metamorphosis - Angela Tiki
Y1186 Midpoint Planet Combinations in Relationships - Steve Pincus
Y1187 Current Affairs - Sue Tompkins
Y1188 Notorious War Cycles: Saturn-Pluto and Current Planetary Alignments of 2020 and Beyond - R.Haken Kirkoglu
Y1189 The Seven Beauties: An Astrological Masterpiece by Nizami Ganjavi (1197) - Grazia Mirti
Y1190 The Millenial Paradox: How Narcissists May Save the World - Alejo Lopez
Y1191 Inanna and Erishkagat: Descending into the Great Below - Claire Manion
Y1192 (Plenary) Uranus-Neptune Conjunction and the History of Western Astrology - Chris Brennan
Y1193 Transformation with Black Moon Lillith - Sue Fletcher