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You can purchase all audio recordings, and the PDFs that go with them, for the whole 2020 Conference excluding the Friday workshops for £79 (individual tracks can be purchased below). After purchasing, you will be sent a download link to download the files. The download is 1.8Gb in total, but you will receive links for four files - we've divided the Conference into Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday, so that if your Internet connection is on the slow side, you can download each batch individually. If you prefer, we can put these files onto a DVD for you and post them to you - please note that the DVD won't play in a standard DVD player, as the files are just audio MP3 files, and it is more expensive to buy the DVD to cover the administration, postage and packing costs. Please note also that postal services are subject to delay during the current pandemic, so we would recommend purchasing the download in preference to the DVD. The link you receive is valid for 14 days, and you can attempt the download as often as you like - and if you do have any issues or questions, we are happy to advise

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Downloadable recordings will be delivered as a digital download. Depending upon the amount of recordings ordered at one time this may be via a zip file. Some of these talks were originally delivered at Conference accompanied by visual presentations. These presentations aren't always available, but when they are, they will be sent with recordings orders on a complimentary basis.

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Friday 26 June Workshops
Y1194 Listening to the Daimon: the 12th house - morning workshop - Lynn Bell
Y1195 The Daimon shows the way: the 11th house - afternoon workshop - Lynn Bell
Y1196 Recent Developments in Planetary Stock Trading - morning workshop - Bill Meridian
Y1197 Applied Mundane Astrology - afternoon workshop - Bill Meridian
Y1198 Principles of House Division - workshop - Wade Caves
Y1199 A Fast Track to Traditional Chart Reading - workshop - Ben Dykes
Friday Evening 26 June
Y1201 The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few - Wendy Stacey
Y1202 Panel on 2020 Discussions
Saturday 27 June
Y1203 A Disunited Kingdom - Mark Cullen
Y1204 Mental health & Astrological Healing - Anna Estaroth
Y1205 Vimsottari Dasa and Secondary Progressions - Aswin Balaji Subramanyan
Y1206 The Dark Side of Venus - Izabela Podlaska-Konkel
Y1207 You Know You Want It: Sex in the Horoscope - Lynn Bell
Y1208 Dealing with Trauma in an Astrological Consultation - Christian Koenig
Y1209 Demystifying the Northern 7 Mansions in Chinese Astrology - Ray Liu
Y1210 Prenatal Eclipses: Understanding Your Evolutionary Path - Gali Sat Puran Livneh
Y1211 Almuten: Who is in charge? - Jadranka Coic
Y1212 The Power of Eclipses - Bill Meridian
Y1213 Around the World the Astrology Way - Stephanie Johnson
Y1214 Astrology: Science or Divination? - David Hamblin
Y1215 Eclipse and Lunar Cycle - Rod Chang
Y1216 Back to the Future - Kim Farnell
Y1217 "What is the Future: Prediction, Prognostication and Prophecy?" - Richard Swatton
Y1218 Sidekicks & Right-Hand (Wo)Men - Wade Caves
Y1219 Astropreneurship - Omari Martin
Y1220 The Value of Quantitative Astrological Research - Tom Stedall
Y1221 The Spirit of the Depths - Frances Clynes
Y1222 I've Got A Feeling: First Impressions in Horoscope Judgement - Richard Smoot
Y1223 The Saturn Experience: The Invocation of Always - John Green
Y1224 "Working With Chiron, Pluto And Eris in Charts" - Henry Seltzer
Y1225 The Astrology of The Handmaid's Tale - Fernanda Paiva
Y1226 "Saturn, Ensoulment and the Birth of the Esoteric Body" - Giulio Pellegrini
Y1227 Advanced Traditional House Interpretation - Ben Dykes
Y1228 Family Dilemmas in a Natal Chart - Maria Blaquier
Y1229 Astrological Research: Machine Learning - Mark Urban-Lurain
Y1230 Total Transformation - Tim Burness
Y1231 Astrology as a tool for healing - Jane Lewis
Sunday 28 June
Y1232 Applying Aspects in Natal Astrology - Joao Medeiros
Y1233 Improving Solar Return Charts by Relocation - Anne C. Schneider
Y1234 "Are You Going to Read My Mind, Miss? Astrology for Young People" - Susan Lionti
Y1235 Is Saturn Always the Problem? Get Rid of It or Lay a Foundation? - Ray Liu
Y1236 Medieval Solar Revolutions - Aswin Balaji Subramanyan
Y1237 The Rise of Cryptocurrency: Astrology and Energy Exchange - Lara van Zuydam
Y1238 Jung's Prophecy: From Pisces to the Age of Pegasus - Ryuji Kagami
Y1239 Astrology and the Tree of Life - Cathy Stronach
Y1240 How Successful People Turn Debility into Achievement - Jupiter Lai
Y1241 The Future is Fluid: Gender Bending and the Dark Moon Lilith - Martin Sebastian Moritz
Y1242 Timing Events Using Moon Phases - Robyn Ray
Y1243 Quantum Astrology - Gill Dorren
Y1244 Reclaiming the Muses Through Asteroid Astrology - Kieron Devlin
Y1245 Dance of the Heavens: Testimony of Radicality in Horary - Geoffrey Cornelius
Y1246 The Dance of Gender - Jan Seward
Y1247 Transforming Self: A Theory of Antiscia - Richard Smoot
Y1248 Chronobiology and Astrology - Crystal Eves
Y1249 Aspect Patterns Made Easy - Rod Chang
Y1250 Electional Astrology - Omari Martin
Y1251 That Declination Difference - Leigh Westin
Y1252 A Traditional Approach to Lots (Arabic Parts) - Ben Dykes
Y1253 Beyond P-Values: Implications for Future Astrological Research - Mark Urban-Lurain
Y1254 Gen Z - Christiana Rodenbeck
Y1255 Fated Encounters - Amanda Bradbury
Y1256 Fixed Stars 2.0 - Christian Koenig