mp3 playerThe Astrological Association has built up a library of recordings of conferences and workshops, from 1983 onwards. This collection of conference talks offer a remarkable snapshot of modern astrological history; they include Charles Harvey speaking in 1983, Dennis Elwell in 1984, Melanie Reinhart's words on Chiron in 1988 as well as ground-breaking talks from Francois Gauquelin, Howard Sasportas, Bruno and Louis Huber and many more great astrologers. We now have over 1000 separate talks recorded and the list of names and subjects is unbelievable!

Recordings are available as MP3 files*, downloadable or on a CD; some recordings are available as DVDs. Entire conferences are available as CDsCD

*MP3 recordings will play on all modern computers, CD, DVD and Blue Ray players that are compatible with MP3 files. However, older CD players in the home and in cars may not be compatible, so you should check your player(s) before ordering.

You can now buy recordings of talks at the 2016 Conference at this page.

Complete Conference collections

To go to the list of annual conference recordings, click here. From there, you can choose any conference and buy individual tracks from it, or have the entire conference on CD.

Conference DVD recordings

For the first time, DVDs are available for a selection of conference sessions. Prices from £10 Click here to buy.

Masterclass & Workshop recordings

A selection of Materclass and Workshop recordings are also available. Prices are from £12.50 . Click here to view and buy

Event Days

We hope to build up a collection of recordings of AA event days and other one-off events. As we do so we shall add them here. Prices from £25 Go here to view and buy

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Not sure of what you want, or just browsing? You can download a complete PDF listing of conference tracks, with speakers' names, here. or use the search box below if you're looking for particular speakers or subjects.