The Miliband Brothers, I Presume

Vassilis Papdolias

September 25, 2010, a day of Saturday and a special event is taking place in the political life of the UK. Ed Miliband is making it to a leader of the Labor Party, defeating with a minimum head in the internal elections - his own brother.

Yes, that is correct; his own brother. Because this is one of the few times ever in the world when two brothers compete for such an important place, reminding us an episode of a Shakespeare's drama. The events that make the case into a drama are all here. Ascending from a Jewish family, persecuted by the Nazis, a father (Ralf Miliband), theoretic of Marxism, with a heavy political shadow cast upon the two brothers and the political scene of England acting like the scenery where the family drama will take place. "I can't believe it that Ed did this to us", said David Miliband's wife after the internal elections. With a Sun in Capricorn and a Moon in Cancer in a possible T-Square to Pluto and Uranus, Ed would seem exactly like the kind of person to sacrifice the family acceptance for the sake of ambition of aim.

The Sun/Uranus and Sun/Pluto squares in his chart could also be connected to feeling both shadows but abandoned by the theoretic father; still it could also mean he realized all too early that life cannot go on without changes. His Moon's squares could also be held responsible for the breaking up from family womb.

The Jupiter/Saturn square seems to have blocked his ambitions for all too much time, but the Sun/Saturn trine taught him to wait. Using the Mercury/Pluto trine he could make his negotiations away from lights as the backing up of the syndicates he won the last minute in the conference, which ensured him his victory.

With Sun in Cancer in trine to Saturn but without the difficult aspects to Uranus and Pluto, David Miliband on the other hand seemed to have a much more easy path in front of him to make it to some important social position. Older the Ed, entered politics before him, was a personal advisor to Tony Blair for many years and it was he who helped his brother enter politics as well, involving him in the Gordon Brown administration.

With a lot of planets in the element of air however and Mercury in square to Neptune, David was not very good in making alliances in the backstage. A skillful speaker and a perfect public relationships manager, David reminded more of the executive of a large company or the theoretic mind in the political analysis of Tony Blair. On the contrary Ed has always been more practical (he chose economics for a career) and always interested in handling different sorts of power (money being one of them).

The two brothers do share some common elements however as well. Big trines in water and a T-Square for each one of them, seem like the proper decoration for their natal charts to make sure they don't go unnoticed and that they do have it to synchronize emotionally with the public.

They fought (together) for changes in the climatic change issue, each one from his own post (David as Foreign Secretary and Ed as Secretary for Energy). They have both spoken with passion for ecology and have tried to push the European Union to take action for reducing emissions of gases.

Although competitors, they do share enough common elements, that they could actually make it to work together. It would be interesting to study their synastry as well.

We would see in that case that David's Saturn is conjuncting Ed's North Node, thus not being so innocent in their fights, since more than once it seems he has blocked the way of chance for his brother's future. If we proceed with this further actually and make a progressive/natal synastry between David's progressive chart and Ed's Natal, we find that during this period of time the Saturn / North Node conjunction was accurate.

On the other hand the natal Saturn of Ed seems to be sitting on David's natal MC, if cast for the Sun Rise. Not having an exact time, we could find this to be uncertain; but other astrologers could argue for the importance of Sun Rise Chart Midheaven nevertheless.

The two brothers however also have a common ground for collaboration. Examing this progressive chart of Ed in comparison to David's natal chart, we find an extremely creative conjunction between Mars and Uranus, which could be the reason for their collaboration in matters of change and innovation in politics.

The extent of this article is not long enough for us to expand further to the planetary events during the time of election. The inclusion of too many charts is dangerous for readability, but the careful reader cannot look away from the fact that Ed Miliband's natal Sun's degree, is having a transit from Pluto at this time. Also one can refer to the Mars/Venus conjunction transiting his natal Jupiter and opposing his natal Saturn which happened the last ten days. This could be a sign for breaking restrictions and old relationships which act as restrictions).

On the other hand David had to fight against the Saturn transit on his natal Mars, cutting his winds, whereas Mercury was transiting his natal Uranus and Pluto positions during the days of elections bringing secret change of positions and backstage scenery. Not to mention the day of election when Mercury opposed his natal Saturn bringing bad news. The two brother synastry would deserve more attention, but this is not the purpose of this particular article. This could probably be a part of a second article, coming later on.

Talking about the upcoming events now, I have to mention Ed having to cope with transiting Saturn from the position of his natal Uranus thus forcing him to put water in his wine of change he was talking about in the past; the first speech after winning shows us such as he was forced to formulate suggesting for cutting the deficit. Making such a start it is certain he has a difficult path ahead, whereas his brother (having the role of Saturn in the relationship) could try to limit his initiatives.

All this however is something we will have to see in the immediate future and examine whether our predictions will actually be fulfilled.

This article was first published in Greek for The translation in English was made by the writer himself. The writer has been given written permission to submit this article for publication in the Astrological Association website.

Errata:This article was written in 2010. A biography of Ed Milliband, published in 2011, states:"Edward Samuel Miliband was born at 2pm [14:00 BST/CET] on 24 December 1969, in the maternity wing of University College Hospital in Hunter Street, London." ('Ed' by James Macintyre and Mehdi Hasan; Biteback, 2011).

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