The 21st August Solar Eclipse and President Donald Trump

Extract from Working with the Planets by Roy Gillett. Written end May 2017 for the July edition of The Astrological Journal

Even when astro-cycles are so focussed that what will happen seems clear well in advance, I caution against making public predictions. There are a range of reasons. Firstly, experience with individual clients shows that how they responded to a that combination of astro-cycles is nearly always vastly more appropriate than what we visualised. Secondly, making the prediction may interfere in ways we cannot anticipate, creating the bad, getting in the way of the good. Afterwards, our success or failure unnaturally haunts us by putting expectations or mockery in the minds of lay people who do not understand the complexity and intention of our craft. We are praised for people thought we said, or blamed for failing to do what we were never attempting in the first place!

Then comes the issue of ego - just why do you want to be a renowned seer? Who will gain? Far better to use our knowledge to inform and guide, by nudging, questioning and encouraging our clients, and anyone else in the world willing to listen.

With all this in mind, we turn to the remarkable connections between the 21st August Solar Eclipse and the birth chart of President Donald Trump. The tri-wheel includes the critically-placed fixed star Regulus [*R], about which Bernadette Brady writes:

All of the Royal Stars promise great potential and success as long as a particular human nemesis is avoided. In Regulus' case, the issue is that of revenge and if strong in a chart, the individual needs to avoid this temptation1.

As the relative position of Regulus advanced and crossed Donald Trump's Ascendant through his lifetime, the need to seek revenge where he was not recognised would have been an ongoing challenge. Now, with a Solar Eclipse just twelve minutes of arc before its natal position and just under a degree before his natal Ascendant, a nemesis moment is surely indicated. Alongside this, Mars in Leo transits his twelfth house, building to conjunct his Regulus/Ascendant on the 3rd/5th September. Great wisdom and self-awareness will be needed to avoid frustration building to intense, directionless anger. Once Mars is in the first house the need to act on what has been boiling up inside could become irresistible. Danger comes from the expression of anger and hence the tendency to draw anger towards himself.

Many may see this as a time of unavoidable danger for the world, Donald Trump himself, and/or both. It is avoidable if he is ready to learn from what went wrong in the past and think 'out of his skin'. For revenge to be a problem, we have to wish to undertake it, or to have created and perpetuated causes in the past for others to wish to take revenge on us. To cleanse away all this, we have to look at the best qualities in Leo - noble patronage, generosity and a great sense of fun. However badly he feels about himself and the way others treat him, he must rise above undercurrents of back and forth bitchiness [especially during the twelfth house transit]. Focus less on the detailed causes of his upset, make the world laugh with him, move on from resentment, carrying everyone with him.

Such advice may be the last thing an afflicted Leo may wish to hear, but it may be the most valuable. How well it is heeded will determine the outcome not only for the US President, but for much of the world dependent upon his nation. Indeed, how this time is handled and the consequences will come to be a key symbolic moment in world history. The years of the trial of ongoing earth element (especially Capricorn) stelliums, so often discussed in this column, comes ever closer. As economic and other practical realities tighten, obsessive self-interest, every person for themselves in the 'rush for the lifeboats', would lead the very worst of outcomes for everyone. By August, will Donald Trump have grown enough in the role to rise above possible dire consequences and demonstrate better ways to us?

1. Her text written for the Brady fixed star file in Solar Fire 9