Writers’ Guidelines for Article Submission

The Astrological Journal

If you are interested in submitting an article for publication in the Astrological Journal, we would be very pleased to hear from you – there is always room for interesting, well-researched, high quality articles. You do not need to be a professional astrologer; your writing will be assessed entirely in terms of its content, style and potential interest to our readers.

Please Note: Due to the high volume of submissions to the Astrological Journal, we ask you not to send in finished articles but instead to send a short proposal to us first.

If your proposal is accepted, you will be sent a set of Writers’ Guidelines with all the information you need to submit your finished article.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay a fee for accepted articles. However, the Astrological Journal’s distribution and reputation for quality will ensure that your article reaches a wide cross-section of people interested in serious astrology. It will also contribute to the corpus of written astrological material of interest to current and future students, professional practitioners and researchers.

Copyright of signed articles and correspondence remains with the author except that the Astrological Association retains the right to republish the material in full, once, without further permission from the author, in addition to appearing in the printed and online editions of the Journal.

In all cases of submitted abstracts or articles, the Editor’s decision is final.

If you have any queries, please contact the Astrological Journal editor, Victor Olliver, at journal@astrologicalassociation.com


Correlation accepts articles reporting empirical research in astrology, review articles, and those discussing methodological, conceptual and philosophical issues relating to astrology. All manuscripts and letters that are intended for publication should be transmitted electronically. The editor prefers files written in MS Word (always indicate version number).

References should be based on the American Psychological Association (APA) style of referencing in alphabetical order of author and not listed by number. Please indicate author, book or article title (in the case of an article please also give page numbers), journal or publisher and date published, e.g., Abel, G. 0. (1982) The Mars Effect. Psychology Today, Vol. 6 pp 8-13. For further details on reference guidelines for Correlation please contact the editor. Artwork (drawings, diagrams) should be camera-ready, larger than the final size artwork in electronic form, for example, jpg, which is preferred, and may be accompanied by hard copy. The structure of articles should conform to that of typical current articles.

Endnotes should be incorporated into the text as footnotes. A list of agreed astrological abbreviations appears on the inside back cover of this journal. Please contact the editor for more details on layout and presentation, etc. All submissions are refereed for content and clarity of expression. Those which are acceptable in principle but which do not meet the required standards will be edited and returned for verification and/or improvement. All manuscripts will be acknowledged by return.  

Send manuscripts to:
Robert Currey, The Mill House, Santon,
Isle of Man, IM4 1EX, British Isles
Tel: +44 (0)1624 827000 Email: robert@equinoxastrology.com

Astrology and Medical Newsletter

Contributors are invited to express their own opinions and to use and advocate any astrological techniques, which they feel, are appropriate. The Editor, however, does not necessarily endorse the views expressed by contributors to the Astrology and Medicine Newsletter. Copyright of articles submitted belongs to the contributor. Please send articles by email. Manuscripts need an stamped addressed envelope or an International Reply Coupon, if return is required. Material is submitted gratuitously and the Editor’s decision is final. 

Wanda Sellar DMS.Astrol., QHP
Tel: 01787 463459
Email: wandaelizabethsellar@gmail.com